In the winter of 2015, I decided to explore the craft of photography as a way to make still and motion pictures that prompt reflection about human relations. 

I began to carry my DSLR at all times. Whenever I saw something interesting there was almost always someone engrossed with their mobile device in the frame.  I began to wonder about this and about how these devices influence human relations, so I proceeded to explore these questions with pictures. 

Recently, I began to share my pictures for the first time, accompanied by my thoughts and feelings while in the moment of taking each picture, and in a way that chronicles the evolution of my project. I thought, since Instagram is designed for mobile devices, what more appropriate medium to begin sharing pictures that aspire to prompt reflection on the seemingly perpetual demands of the mobile/cell phone? Here's the link:  screenseverywherescreens

You might see yourself. Tell me who you are.  

Note: Along the way, I found others who also explored a similar theme but in a different way: Babycakes Ramires', The Death of Conversation 2014; Erick Pickersgill, Removed 2014; Martin Parr published The Phone Book 2002.  In 2018 I saw a marvelous exhibition, Grand Tourismo by Giacomo Zaganelli at Le Galleria degli Uffizi, in Florence, Italy. 

However, the inspiration and main influence on my project is On Reading by André Kertész. 

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