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The photographs in "You Seem Like Someone Who..." intend to document, prompt reflection and stimulate discussion about a social phenomenon: the ubiquitous behavior of human engrossment with digital mobile devices,  and the effect of this behavior on human interactions and mutual understanding between people. 


The study and practice of human interaction has been my personal and professional focus for over 40 years. I've been teaching The Art of Connecting course at the School of Visual Arts in New York since 2007. The class teaches students how to perform specific actions (behaviors) in life that achieve and improve mutual understanding between people, face-to-face. 

In 2015 I enrolled in a basic Digital Photography class at SVA taught by photographer Matthew Baum. I learned about the work of Gary Winogrand and to have my camera with me, at the ready, at all times. I found that wherever I turned to take a picture, I saw someone engrossed with their digital mobile device. 

The pictures from "You Seem Like Someone Who..." will be here soon.