The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

 - Carl Jung, Man in Search of Soul

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José Angel Santana is teaching "You, and..." in the TESOL DRAMA WORKSHOP in Florence, Italy. August 2 - 6

"You, and..." is a daily practice for a meaningful connection with oneself and others. 

 "The world-class actor, writer, painter, and musician each engage in a private daily practice to achieve their excellent works. During my 40 years in the performing arts as a student, actor, teacher, director, photographer and mentor, every world-class artist that I have worked with or known has had their own private daily practice to strengthen the specific and vital skills needed for their profession." - Founder,  José Angel Santana, Ph.D.

"You, and..." (THE ART OF CONNECTING) is a unique approach that fills a great need today for learning a private daily practice to help individuals and groups to achieve meaningful connection with oneself and others. 

Founder José Angel Santana, Ph.D. a student of Sanford Meisner, teaches this daily practice for a more authentic, natural, relaxed, and compelling presence with others as a performing artist, educator, business executive, and in every relationship in your life. 

"You, and..." is a blend of expertly taught elements from Stanislavski, Meisner, and Spolin based professional acting exercises and the best practices from the field of conflict resolution and mediation, which have been refined in high-level government and business communications skills training environments. "You, and..." provides one of the most empowering and effective daily practices ever offered in the world. 


"José Santana's chosen field of academic study combined with his deep sense of social responsibility and his many years of experience as an actor in theatre, film and television have resulted in a great breadth and depth of understanding of the processes of creativity. He brings great energy, commitment and determination to all his projects, has achieved remarkable success in his work with disadvantaged  and alienated young people, and remains a highly original thinker." - Trevor Griffiths, is a writer, and director; for his film Reds: WGA Best Screenplay Award, and an Oscar nomination.

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"José shares my belief in the value of education through the arts, of using both the tools and artists of theatre as a way to teach young people about collaboration, self-awareness and confidence. I can highly recommend José as a person who will inspire and motivate his students  with his enormous integrity, energy and commitment." - Kevin Spacey, is a two-time academy award winning actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. 

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"I've known José for many years, and have worked with him on stage, and in film. I've seen his work as a student, and I've seen his work as a teacher; and I've always been impressed with his passion, his work - ethic, and his intelligence." - David Mamet, is an author, Pulitzer Priize-winning playwright, producter, screenwriter, and director. 

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"As Drama Director, José always brought inspiration to the young people with his talent for acting, teaching, and always upholding the highest artistic standards. José is a joy to work with! Don't let him get away." - Jane Fonda, is an actress,, writer, political activist, former fashion model, and fitness guru.

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"One would be hard pressed to find anyone with greater integrity, authenticity and talent for teaching than José Angel Santana. Combined with his gifts for communication and collaboration, his passion for nurturing newcomers is a wonderful asset for his students." - Alan Rosenberg, is an actor of both stage and screen, and President Screen Actors Guild (2005 - 2009).