​​Since relocating to Los Angeles, California, due to COVID 19, José Angel Santana, PhD provides remote INTERACT training. His system was developed for the United States Army Central Electronics Command, in Santa Barbara, CA in the mid-'90s.  INTERACT builds capacity for educators to bridge the "distance" in Distance Learning through skill development for highly engaging teacher-student interactions, which result in an "as good as live" classroom experience for teachers and students.  

Dr. Santana also provides remote Education and Professional Development Consultanting services to the Union City, NJ Board of Education in the area of Film, Television, and Theatre.

For many years, his approach to "performance of human interaction" with the goal of achieving mutual understanding has been in demand as a consultant and mentor to artists, creatives, filmmakers, managers, advertising executives, aspiring actors, teens and everyday people. 

José Angel Santana taught the first and only human relations course ever taught at the School of Visual Arts, The Art of Connecting from 2007 - 2020.

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