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José Angel Santana has studied interpersonal-communication, human behavior, and human interaction for over 45 years. In 1974, as a V.I.S.T.A Volunteer at the Vermont State Maximum Security Prison at Windsor, he was among the pioneering staff of INTERACT, one of the nations first two-way television networks. Santana produced over 120 hours of rehabilitative educational programming for prisoners via two-way closed-circuit television. 

He is a graduate of The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre and student of Sanford Meisner. He is part of the acting ensemble in the documentaries, "Sanford Meisner: The Theater's Best Kept Secret" directed by Academy Award-winning Director, Sidney Pollack, as well as in the definitive document of Mr. Meisner at work, the 8 hour classic, "Sanford Meisner Master Class."    

In 1993 mediator Nancy Davis asked Santana to join her and public artist Richard McLaughlin as Drama Director of City at Peace, Santa Barbara, Ca. Together, they combined Santana's experience as a professional actor and student of Meisner and Paul Sills, with Davis' chosen approach to Alternatives to Violence (ATV), to teach conflict resolution and mediation to teenagers. The goal was to prevent the spread of youth violence in the community by teaching teenagers healthy life choices while making community theatre. Santana was recognized as a Santa Barbara "Local Hero" for his work with City at Peace in 1999.

In 2000 the Force Modernization Division, United States Army (CECOM) commissioned Santana as their exclusive human interaction trainer to teach career military instructors how to make their televised New Equipment Training (NET) - "as good as live." In 2003, his company AIT was awarded a five-year, five million dollar contract by CECOM.